How to Host a Games Night

There is nothing like a games night to help make friendships stronger. Friends who play together can strengthen their bonds and grow closer. Here are some top tips to help you host the perfect games night to help you work on your friendships.

Who to invite?

It can be tempting to invite lots of people to help maximise the fun. You really need to think about the games that you want to play, however. Would they work with a large number of people or would people get bored waiting for their turn? It’s best to invite just a few select people to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of the games that you choose to play.

Where will you sit?

Most games need players to be able to face each other and so it might be wise to play around a table. You could also consider moving sofas around a coffee table to allow players to sit across from each other in a comfortable fashion.

Choosing the games

The games that you want to play will depend on the people that you invite. Extrovert people might like to play games such as Charades or Adlibs, games that get them talking. Strategical people might like to play games such as role plays or a variant of Poker such as Razz poker. You can find the rules for this game online. Those with a love of general knowledge might like quiz games such as Trivial Pursuit. Think about the people that you are inviting and try and match the games to their personalities.

Who will you invite?

Think carefully about the people that you invite and how they will get along with each other. It is usually better if everyone invited does know each other in some way to ensure that nobody feels left out and to help keep the conversation flowing. You should also make sure that you fully inform everyone of your plans for games night, it is best if they are prepared.