Best Games of 2018

The gaming industry has grown tremendously in the last decade. The primitive games that started out have now become masterpieces of design and art for players to enjoy. There are many games that developers are continuously developing to the point that different categories of games have come to light. Most players, journalists and developers have now divided games into graphics technology, platforms, how they are released (indie games, AA games e.t.c), and the players needed for the games (single or multi-player). Having that in mind, let us review the best gaming categories of 2018.


Action games are dynamic, rich, and comprehensive to keep a player totally immersed in the changing events that are in the game. This category of games has become massive to the point of that sub-genres have been created:

Horror: the primary characteristics of this sub-genre is the anxiety effect and fear factor that makes players stay on the edge. These games are filled with puzzles, riddles, unexpected attacks, and labyrinths. Some of the most popular games in this category include Amnesia and Resident Evil.

Fighting: this sub-genre involves hand-to-hand combat where the player has to defeat the opponent through kicks and punches. Real martial art combat strategies are used to play the most popular games like Guilty Gear, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat.

Shooter: in this sub-category, a solo player often journeys into a path to defeat enemies. Some of the popular games of 2018 include Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Max Pyne, and Half-life.

Role-Playing Game (RPG)

This game requires a player to assume the role of a character who has several traits like strength, hit points, and other skills sets. As the player moves along, they can improve their characteristics. Some of the best RPG games of 2018 include Magic, Might, and Fallout.

Strategy Games

Games in this category require a player to develop a plan and execute it. You can play Turn-based strategy (TBS) sub-genre games like Sid Meier’s Civilization and Heroes of Might & Magic. You can also play Real-Time strategy sub-genre games like Emperor Battle of Dune or StarCraft which were quite popular in 2018.

Live dealer poker

Some of the most popular online games of 2018 include Hi Lo and 3 Card Poker. These online games are a result of the merging of blackjack and traditional poker. These games are characterized by the rankings of the poker hand, while the player plays against the house.